What's Up With Dawn!?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

As Time Goes By......

I don't think anyone really reads my page anymore since it's been like 10 years, but I feel like writing today, so those who do read it consider yourselves lucky...I've been living in Winter Park Colorado for almost 5 months now, and honestly I've never had such trials in my life. I love it here and I love different things about working here at Timberline, but it's definately a challenge. Our first semester has come and gone and now we're into our guest season. Our students go from being full-time students to being part-time students. They pretty much run the place when we have guest groups in, they serve in every aspect of the place. I guess I have a hard time grasping the fact that these students pay $9,000 to come to Bible School, which they get, but also having to live as a servant. This place is by no means Capernwray or Tauernhof and I guess I've been comparing everything to those places since I had the greatest time of my life there. Something I'm learning to grasp is that I can't control things that I'm not supposed to control. I know that if God wanted to change things, then He would most certainly change them. I'm learning to let go of things that I know I can't dwell on. So even though it's been a tough time for the most part here, I love God and I have to see this ministry at Timberline as God's work and that He's given me the priviledge to be able to serve here for a time. In all honesty, my heart is in Europe, I would love nothing more than to go back and serve in missions there. It's been so hard to be here when all I want is to be there. I know God knows my heart and that if He wants me to go there then He will call me. I'm trying to be content, and God has really blessed me here. Me and my roomate Hayley just moved back into our apartment, it was being renovated after our boiler blew up and leaked water through the whole building.......It's awesome though, we got new everything and it's so great to finally have my own space! I've made some great friends too, I love our students and Lord knows I'll cry the day they leave, hopefully not as bad as when I left Capernwray....hahaha. I just started scrapbooking my pictures from Bible School, just looking at all your faces again makes me sad and miss you so much more than I already did. It's weird, most days I'll be working or whatever and I'll get a picture of someone from Bible School in my mind, you may think I've forgotten people because I don't really write, but I think about most of you on a daily basis. BJ is getting married and I'm sad because I've gotten to hang with him and his family quite a bit this year since he's only an hour away. I wish life didn't have to change so often and so suddenly, but that's life and I'm happy for Him. One of our students is from England and lives 5 minutes from Capernwray, I love his accent and we always talk about British things, haha, makes me happy =) I miss my Rissy and Jon, and Johnny and Stephen, I would marry either one of you in an instant and not just because I want my future kids to have accents......ok well mostly that's the reason. I love you all and write me or myspace me, I miss you dearly, God bless!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My new home

So I'm living in Winter Park Colorado now and working at Timberline Lodge and I love it!!! I am having so much fun working here and our students are so awesome. I work in the kitchen with a guy named Matt who is ridiculously fun. We have a blast working together. I can be as creative as I want, I can cook whatever I want and let's face it, Matt and I are amazing cooks! What I love so much about the kitchen here at Timberline compared to the other Torchbearer schools I've been to is that everyone that works here is involved in so many other areas other than what their title is. I love that I can listen to Christian Rap or whatever I want to in the kitchen and students come in and hang out and help, and I've been leading the worship on Mondays and Tuesdays, I disciple 2 girl students who are awesome! We meet once a week and talk and pray and read the Bible, I have them over to our apartment and help them with their homework, I'll be working on the ropes course for a day when we take the students over to the Young Life camp, I'm in a family group, and ultimately I get to invest in these students live's. Our staff is really close too and everyone snowboards which is awesome! Pretty much all of our staff come from really really tough backgrounds, non-Christian backgrounds and now they're so on fire and just stoaked to work in a place like this as am I. So we have a lot of fun together. I've been going to a local Bible Study in town and we read through all of Revelation tonight, it was insane....So I feel like I'm growing a lot and making amazing friends. It's beautiful out here, it reminds me of Tauernhof. Actually, Timberline was started by a guy who went to Tauernhof and wanted to start a school like it in Colorado, thus we have Timberline =) God is doing great things out here, a lot of our students have gone through a lot of crap in their lives, so it'll be awesome to watch them grow and be broken I guess...Everyone is welcome to come visit me too! If ya'll wanna come out here u can come stay for free and hang out, whatev. I got to see Evie for those of you who were at T-Hof, it was sooooo good to see her too! Well I hope that does it for my update, sorry guys I'm usually on myspace more....I love you guys and miss you and think of a lot of you often. Later!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Well I'm bored so I thought I'd write again...I'm staying at BJ's for a few days until I fly to Portland for my sister's graduation tomorrow. BJ and I walked to the park last night and smoked these amazing cigars! The best cigars either of us had ever had, they're called Acid Blondies. It was so nice to sit and talk and smoke and reminice. I fly to Potland tomorrow morning with my dad and then we'll drive up to Seattle on Saturday and then the following morning I fly back here to Denver to go to Timberline. It's a quick turn-around but at least I get to go home for a few days...I'm planning my next trip to Europe =) I have to see how much time I get off over Christmas break or spring break. Anyone want to go with me? Tschus

Monday, August 21, 2006

2 years!?

Ok so I hate writing on here really, I wish I could talk to all of you in person but whatev. So, I just finished my summer internship at Ravencrest, what a crazy summer! I'm sitting here at BJ's house wondering where the summer went? I started my summer here and I'm ending it here which is crazy to think that it's already over...Highlights....becoming friends with Gerfried, only God could have accomplished that! Becoming friends with Chad Campbell's sister....meeting BJ's friends and listening to Dane Cook around a campfire...talking with Bonnie Thomas every week.....hearing Luke Thomas play the bagpipes...meeting Luke Thomas! Talking with The Major and Mrs. T......Ropes Course....Leading worship for the campers....making jewelry with the women from women's week.....Seeing Andrew Caldwell randomly at camp....well it was a good summer, weird, but good. So long story short, I'm going to be on full time staff over at Timberline Lodge in Winterpark Colorado. I'm stoaked, it will be for 2 years at least, that's a big commitment for Dawn! Well like I said, I hate writing on here but for your sake....I love you guys, e-mail me!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Please Come and Visit...

SO if anyone wants to road trip out here and visit me and BJ that would be fantastic. I still have no plans for after summer so if any Cape/T-Hof ppl want to doa road trip of some kind that would kick face =) I'm done August 20th and I'll most likely go stay with BJ's family again for a few days unless my plans change, which they always do..but this is just theory. Anywho, anyone is welcome to come and stay with me at Ravencrest, they are way more relaxed about people coming and staying then T-Hof is =) Well let me know and u can call me too, my cell number is 360-420-7635 Tschus!

Monday, June 05, 2006

A Bit More Specific...

I've been here in Estes for 2 weeks now and It's so awesome. The first 2 weeks have been orientation, getting to know the place, cleaning and preparing for the campers, learning ropes course, mountain biking, rock climbing, caving, hiking, snow sliding etc....I'm working with 9 other interns and most of them are rad =) I really like my roomies, Katie and Brittany (In the picture). Our group is really random, but so was our class at Cape and we had a blasty blast right? There are 6 guys and 4 girls, one girl never showed up so we got another guy, ugh. One guy is from Costa Rica, another is from Germany and Gerfried is from Austria, woohoo! One of our roomates is from Moldova, she's like 31 so it's kinda awkward sharing a room with 3 of us crazy girls. Yesterday was our first day of camp. We have 2 different youth groups, one from New Mexico and the other from Florida, a total of like 65 highschoolers and junior highers plus their leaders. I'm working on ropes course which is actually kind of fun. We have an assortment of duties besides our outdoor activity. Each intern has a clean-up duty in the kitchen after all meals unless you are a server, as well as working int he "Pinecone" twice a week which is like the "Beehive" or the "Bistro" for you Capers or T-Hoffer's. I"m also leading the worship this week which is so fun for me. Half of the youth weeks will bring their own worship team but the other doesn't have anyone so I'm filling in for those weeks. Last night went awesome though, a ton of people came up to me afterwards and said they really loved the worship and said I did a really good job, which makes me praise God even more for even giving me the ability to do something like that. So all in all things have been really good, the full time staff here are awesome and we all hang out. It's fun to be a part of something like Torchbearers because everyone has this strange connection, and most people I've met here know people that I know from Europe so it's cool talking to people about they're experiences at Bible School...Well I have to get back out to the ropes course and work on my tan...=\ I'll be in touch!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Fantasmic Estes